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Turismo 2.0 on week 35

Hi friends,

After Easter’s break, we come back with a new summary, for week 35. Turismo 2.0 also felt the break, with less content than other weeks. But you will find here the most outstanding contents of both weeks.

Week 35 summary:

  1. Shyness vs Emotion (Jordi Ruiz). Debating on the best way to transmit emotions in the Web: audio?, video?, text?,…
  2. Where is the calm of olden times? (Manuel Colmenero). Manuel proposes routine calm as a metaphor for the world surrounding us.
  3. Re-putation (Joan Gou). Some day, hoteliers and travel agents will be able to make business together…
  4. Tripadvisor answers. (Juan Sobejano). Tripadvisor answers what they want.
  5. CONTEST: “TELL WHAT WOULD BE YOUR IDEAL HOTEL” (Enrique Fernández). Hotel campaign in the style of 2.0, some people say it’s “astroturf”. And what is it?
  6. Becas “Turismo de España” – Convocatoria para Españoles (Antonio López de Ávila). Una buena información para acceder a formación turística de la buena.
  7. Actitud en la red (Jordi Ruiz). Interesantísimo post sobre la situación de los usuarios y no usuarios de la red clasificados en categorías.
  8. Hola a todos!! (La educación es lo primero) (Emilio del Val). Presentación en la sociedad Turismo 2.0 de Emilio con una entrada cargada de verdades.
  9. Forget about 2.0. See the next web 3.0 (Manuel Colmenero). Manuel, very prolific this week (he may not have holidays), gives us a vision of what will come. what a stress!.
  10. A del.icio.us account for Turispod (Jordi Ruiz). A proposal by Jordi to listen to the “turispod’s” collection in Del-icio-us

No doubt, because it’s about all of us together:

Turismo 2.0 awarded the Prize Alimara 2008 (Albert Barra). And we extend the congratulations to all the members in Turismo 2.0.


  1. Hotels at the rear in the use of 2.0 (Luis Simpson). Absolutely true. Rafael had also said it in some occasion.
  2. Users 1.9 and Web 2.0 (Jordi Ruiz). Apps production and their net effect is vertiginous and some people cannot keep the pace.
  3. Automatic converter from text to sound. (Nacho Giral). A genial discovery to bring closer the Web 2.0 to people with difficulties to read the texts.
  4. The 3GSM get out of Barcelona. (Albert Barra). Nobody takes account for loosing this opportunity. Quite spread attitude in Spain, loosing what benefits to everybody by throwing stones over our own roof. The attitude it’s a petty, but the organization has something to do with it as well.
  5. Managing a touristic destination: La DMO. (Clan-destinos). Supporting and giving notoriety to organization of this kind its a good thing, but it is vital that they are able to adapulsar y dar notoriedad a organizaciones de este tipo, está muy bien, aunque es vital que tengan capacidad para adaptarse a los cambios que se producen en el mercado turístico. (Textual de la entrada original)
  6. Bloggers y Redes comerciales (Jorge Gobbi). El uso de las redes sociales por algunos bloggers y su afán por ingresar más, disminuye, sin duda, la calidad de los textos.
  7. The challenge 2.0. (Sandra). More about the meaning of 2.0, but with some added value.
  8. An example of simplicity and usability. (Nando Llorella). In this case, the image speaks by itself. Brilliant.
  9. Recommended readings from 22nd March to 25th March. (Albert Barra). We will recommend this time the recommended readings by Albert Barra as an exception.
  10. Lowering the customer’s speakers volume?. (Marcos Alonso). The Client, the Client, the Client,…

Human Resources in the Plan Turismo 2020. (Juan Sobejano). Analysis by Juan on the arguable Plan, focused on the Human Resources field. He published two posts up to now and they’re very interesting.


Workshop or meeting in Mallorca? somebody get engaged? . (Prisilla). It looks like a next meeting in Mallorca is becoming real.

Supportive auction of on-line trips. After an initial proposal by Chris Pomeroy, this initiate was born, promising to be something big and Turismo 2.0 collaborates actively.

Logo for Turismo 2.0. Albert Barra proposes to create a logo for Turismo 2.0. This are the rules: it must contain Jimmy Pons’ picture (the one included in every summary).

Interestign interview to Amparo Fernández (General Secretary for Tourism (in Spain)) by Manuel Colmenero. Very much recommendable

See you next Friday, thanks to Rafael,


Week 33 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends,
We’re closing week 33 in Turismo Turismo 2.0 with this summary full of empathy, Elections, Cuba, the Hotel and other stories.

Summary of week 33


To my expert bloggers… To the Juan, Albert, Jordi, Edu, Joan, Rafael, Marcos, Jimmy, Javiers, Nando, Isaac, Joantxo, Ignasi, Victor, Carme, … and many others. An urgent post. (Luis Simpson). With this unforgetable post, Luis Simpon thanks the bloggers who shared conversations with with. Because of this post (already mentioned in the translated summary of last week) other posts have been created, outstanding this week. Keep on reading…
“ACAV became discredited to talk about association unity”, says UNAV (Joan Gou)
Outrageous prices or prices by market demand (Ignasi Casellas)
OT book two point o. The process continues. (Oriol Miralbell). Following the discussion about the use of tourism offices, a collaborative book has been created, which overcomes the first phase.
Reception Department, by Jaione Bilbao Henry (Rafael Martínez). Rafael issued this post to publish a great job by Jaione Bilbao Henry, member of Turismo 2.0. He kindly asks to give your opinion in the comments of this post.
Do we have touristic enterprises 2.0 in Spain? (José A. Rodríguez Gamero). Applying tools 2.0 as a fashion does not make it an enterprise 2.0
Leadership (Juan Sobejano). The term leadership looks like follows different paths as expected by some people.
Miguel Ullibarri: “Banish the term ‘pata negra’!” (Manuel Colmenero). Manuel brings as a “Pata Negra” interview
UNPLUGGED (Victor Mayans). Dedicated to people suffering stress 2.0 and e-mail-anxiety, there are some “chiromassage” remedies.
Sensations (Pere Marti Franco). What does she/he do, whats does she/he think when making a reservation from the distance? We can only have a hunch, based on our sensations.

For Luis Simpson (Albert Barra). Almost nothing more needs to be said. The origin of this post has been explained in the fist post of this list. Because, with so much gratefulness, Albert Barra has given a gift 2.0 to Luis Simpson. A blog for him.


Am I who you thought I was? (El Hotel). The hotel makes a balance of his competition and reveals his identity.
The birth was ok and the baby is healthy girl. The comunidad.hosteltur.com was born. (Jimmy Pons). Finaly, the Hosteltur community brings to life, with best predictions.
Ten museums you should not miss out (Clan- destinos). A great cultural work all touristic guides should read.
How did El Corte Inglés increase its online sales? (Nando Llorella). Sometimes news are not as strict as they look like. We should see the whole context.
One thousand subscriptions in RSS, some practical advice and information sources (Albert Barra). Gongrats, Albert. This is impetuous. Where will he get…?
And the winners are… (El Hotel). An original way, very 2.0, to make the competition winners known.
Tourism 2.0: the social Web as a platform to develop a knowledge-based ecosystem (Edu William). Edu shares with us a great work we all should reed and comment. He deserves it.
About guides, comissions and destinations (Jorge Gobbi). Sometimes, the touristic guides base their routes on the comissions they get from the visited places instead of the actual cultural interest of the destination.
Demistifying 2.0 (Jordi Ruiz). But there’s no need to make such a fuss.
Back to dictatorship? (Juan Sobejano). Sad, disgraceful and despicable news telling us about a fact like anachronistic minds.

A new blog was born (Luis Simpson). This is the third mention. Luis thanks Albert hi gift and this is the result. Readers are on top of the world because we will be able to read Luis in his own space.


What do you think about the status of hotel producto “Sun and Beach” in Spain? (Manuel Menéndez Díaz del Río). Lack of renewal and fresh ideas in the hotel product “Sun adn Beach”.
Yearly meeting in Patagonia Chile & Argentina 2008/2009 (Edgardo Cáceres Rubilar). A proposal for a yearly meeting, very ambitious.
Family Tourism (Marta). Roud table to discuss the family tourism. A very interesting issue with a big market.
REVENUE MANAGEMENT: POSSIBLE DEBATES (Jaime López Chicheri). The debate about Revenue and Yiend initiate by Jaime some weeks ago continues. Cheer up, Jaime, carry on..

See you next week, thanks to Rafael!

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Week 32 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends,

Rafael has not chosen any outstanding post this time. But he slightly changed the usual methodology and, unlike in previous summaries, he includes 12 posts and 11 blog issues. He kindly asked me to do so and choose the outstanding posts. I truly appreciate this confidence, though I don’t promise anything since this could be something really difficult.

Wait and see…

Week 32 summary


1- THE NEEDED 8 P’S IN THE TOURISM mix MARKETING (I) (Rafael Mesa). You probably know the traditional 4 P´s , but Rafael Mesa adds four additional P’s as a complement to the 4 initial ones.
2- Horizon 2020, pure marketing (Isaac Vidal). Obvious things. It seams that the over-mentioned Plan looks like it’s based on Marketing basis already known by us all.
3- Tourism and Politics (Jordi Casassayas). Jordi claims about a lack of planning, co-ordination and a common action police to follow.
4- What have the “idiots” (besugos) done during this time? (Joan Gou). Everyone looks after number one and we don’t reach cohesion, which, on the other hand, is more and more necessary.
5- Morpheo arrives!! (Jordi Ruiz). Original interpretation about Web tools, not without a bit of sarcasm.
6- Prescribers and tourism 2.0 (Juan Sobejano). One more time, opinions and conversation in Internet look like the most apt propagation focus for a marketing campaign.
7- Open answer (Joan Gou). Yes, Joan, you’re right, it looks like we are talking and talking, turning the same things over, and starting again… to talk.
8- Dreams (Pere Marti Franco). The truth is, putting it this way, it’s a pleasure to serve this type of customers.
9- Future focus in hotel management in Costa Brava. (Xavier Goula). Avoiding seasonality and the institutional mistakes in the area.
10-Manual of blog’s use in the enterprise (David Delgado). Thanks David, for sharing what you discovered. We will have to read it and discuss it in Turismo 2.0.
11- Why ads (traditional) don’t work in social networks (Juan A. Rodríguez Gamero). Incomes don’t generate the way some people expect to.
12- Municipal communication for self-confidence: reputation and city (David Giner). Promoting the destination, from governors to inhabitants.


1- The long tail of politics…Or of ideas and talent? (Edu William)
2- The new Hosteltur’s Community (Juan Sobejano). Juan gives us a draft of what’s coming next week. The people testing this community see much future in it.
3- Meme Tripadvisor (Javier García Cuenca). Interesting meme about Tripadvisor’s position in front of the bunch of critics received.
4- Con la iglesia hemos topado (Clan-destinos). The title is an expression we could translate as “You can’t fight City Hall”. However, the post has to do also with the literal meaning of the Spanish expression, which involves the church power. Interesting information about another kind of tourism.
5- (un) common senses and trips (Jorge Gobbi). North-american people are different.
6- Blogger’s pride (Albert Barra). A new controversy. Being a blogger is to have an HTML space or is it something else?
7- Working on the influence of bloggers (Juan Sobejano). Answering the previous post by Albert Barra.
8- The Hotel’s Web and the Customer Satisfaction (Albert Barra). Thanks, Albert. Those are very useful data to help us learning.
9- We’re two years old (Nando Llorella). Congratulations for the age and for the interesting and generous contents.
10- The 2.0 rule (Jordi Ruiz).
11- Virtual Assistants (Isaac Vidal). Commenting a system certainly interesting.


A question for everybody to give opinion: What’s the differentiation factor in the touristic sphere nowadays? (Luis Simpson). Chronologically, price (80`s) and service (90´s). What’s next in the first decade in the XXI?
REVENUE MANAGEMENT: POSSIBLE DEBATES (Jaime López Chicheri). Jaime, in his particular crusade with the Revenue Management, he proposes some interesting lines for the debate.
– Universes Netvibes. Jordi Ruiz and Edu William talk about Netvibes and show us the strength of this platform through the universes they created.


An urgent post dedicated to expert bloggers. (Luis Simpson). A truly beautiful post written just after Rafael published the original summary and while I was translating it. Have a look at it, no matter if you read and write blogs or not. It’s simply so inspirational.
That’s all, folks.

See you next week, thanks to Rafael!

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Week 31 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends,
We’ve reached the week 31 with new projects, the regular quality in posts and blogs and the interesting debate originated because of the blog del hotel or the visual gift about the I Yearly Event.

Summary of week 31


1- Emotions, tourism and wine (Joantxo Llantada). On the importance of abandoning the simple things and back the quality to be able to manage emotions.
2- Questions leaved open (Marcelo Torio). A set of questions we all have argued. All of them together in a single post make it difficult to comment.
3- THE VIDEO ABOUT THE FIRST YEARLY EVENT IS ON LINE (Jimmy Pons). At last, we can see the video on the I Yearly Event. Very good and well-crafted.
4- The debate about anonymous opinions and the future of opinion portals (Javier García Cuenca). After the debate, Javier establishes the basis on the way opinion portals should evolve.
5- Territorial networks and product networks (Edu William). Tourism has to develop as a network, not simulating a chain, but simulating a constellation. This post could explain another one by Edu, included in the section “blogroll” of this current summary.
6- Tourism in vogue!!! (Marcos Ferreyra). Tourism is a much wider than we think.
7- TOURISM AND INTERNET. TOURISM 2.0 (Rafael Mesa). The tourism evolves, but the deficiencies in the enterprises continue unchanged.
8- The immigrant waiter called Manuel (David Delgado). Good thought based on old images.
9- World Map of social networks (David Delgado). In Spain, what social network do we prefer?

10- The service as a challenge (Juan Sobejano). Service or servility. Employees, companies and customers should clarify those concepts.


1- From value chain to value constellation: the tourist ecosystem are networks! (Edu William). The title is self-explanatory, but man could find a wider explanation int he other post by Edu, included in the “Posts” section.
2- Some posts about the controversy originated in El Blog de Enrique Dans, more precisely by its commenters:
El blog de un hotel and the envy (Javier García Cuenca)
We are our main enemies (Juan Sobejano)
Ahora nos dieron “pal pelo” a nosotros (Jordi Ruiz)
Little hotel, everywhere you go, you leave your trace (Rafael Martínez)
3- Five thousand comments (Jorge Gobbi). First, congrats for the figure, second, some good advice worth to recommend.
4- Online touristic resources #1: The European social survey… fresh data (Contraelcalor – Clan-destinos)
5- Tips to gain subscribers in a blog (Nando Llorella). A good compilation.
6- TURISPOD Nº 12 With Carme Pla and Javier Garcia Cuenca and dinner for bloggers during Alimentaria in Ba (Jimmy Pons). Certainly we should include such an excellent job.
7- Goals and blogs last night in Camp Nou (Albert Barra). Many bloggers would applaud more initiatives similars to this one.
8- How should the networked tourism be divided into segments? (Edu William). What a question! Does somebody know?
9- Defining the perfect customer (El Hotel). The hotel asks its potential customers what should be its customer like. But there’s a trick on it.
10- Turismo 15.0 (Jordi Ruiz). “I had a dream…” (Thanks! less work to translate)

The inverted hierarchy of needs by Malonso (Marcos Alonso). Marcos dares completing nothing less but the hierarchy of needs by Maslow. And he does so in a masterly way. He adds what was missing: the empathy. ¡Bravo Marcos!

What’s the use of a Tourism Office? (Joan Gou). We have this discussion in this section for three weeks in a row. It’s consecrated because it’s the origin of a collaborative book to be appeared shortly. And it could become a reference because of the quality of its authors, all of them members of Turismo 2.0.

General Associations or Professional Associations (Asociacionismo o Colegios Profesionales) (Angel). Claims by tourism students. What’s the importance of the tourism university degree?

New Debates in el Blog de un Hotel (El Hotel). He’s asking for our collaboration. Answering this call would give us the opportunity to participate in this project.

– And a question. Why some people continue joining the group “Encuentro anual 2.0”? . This week two new members joined.

See you next week, thanks to Rafael!

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Week 30 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends!

I would say this is a “transitional” week, because unlike in previous weeks, there was no unique focus to gather all our conversations 2.0. The participation was divided up in different issues. What can be pointed out is that participation has increased in terms of number participants (not comments), and this is good news. Though this increase could lead Rafael to this summary get out of hand without assistance. But when this happens, he’ll tell us.

Week 30 summary:


1- PREDICTION, PREDICTION, PREDICTION!!!! (II) (Jaime López Chicheri). Jaime starts with an interesting post about prediction – the forecast – the most adequate control methods and criteria.

2- Iberia Business Plus: ¿what kind of person am I? (David Delgado). A good complaint by Daviod delgado. The ad by Iberia is somehow tinged with class issues (well said), which don’t match with reality.

3- THE NEW GASTRONOMIC CUSTOMER (Víctor Mayans). What’s the mentality to manage a hotel restaurant? We think Victor Mayans has the key.

4- I’M AN ATLETICO DE MADRID FAN AND I SAY SO IN MY C.V (Marcos Alonso). A curious work interview by Marcos Alonso. He was lucky this time…

5- Why should we pay the cost? (Joan Gou). The Autonomic Administration sells an initiative as a gisft, but the cost will be met with taxes. So, Joan turns the tables.

6- How do social networks affect a hotel quality? (Juan Sobejano). They do affect since quality is defined by the customer and expect it in the destination as a whole, not just in the hotel. Joan Gou talks about transversality in a comment. Transversalidad, apunta Joan Gou en un comentario.

7- The expectations economy and Tourism, part 1 (J. Antonio Rodríguez Gamero) . This post complements the previous one.

8- ¿What happened on week 17 in Turismo 2.0? (del 17 al 23 de noviembre de 2007) (Rafael Martínez). In Turismo 2.0 network, Rafael started a series of posts as a reminder of what happened some months ago. Just in case of someone wants to reopen debates, or just to remember experiences… This will be the Wednesday’s briefing.

9- To my friend Juan Sobejano (Joan Gou). Congratulations to both, to one for his birthday, to the other to be able to get the feelings of the rest with a good story, without affectation.

10- Questions leaved open (Marcelo Torio). A gathering of questions about hotels we all have and we would like see the opinion of everybody there. There’s plenty of talk about it.


Web stats on Turismo 2.0. (Albert Barra). Many of us were waiting for it and Muchos lo esperábamos y Albert lo ha puesto en marcha. No dejéis de consultarlo ¡Los números asustan! y es una progresión, más que geométrica, exponencial.


1- In the shelves of a supermarket (Marcos Alonso). What if trips and combined packages would be sold as cookies, in the shelves of supermarkets? The idea looks as preposterous, but it’s not that so.

2- Platform for customers (Jordi Ruiz) The web page and its “Home” have less importance than before. Please, let’s talk about platforms, not shop windows.

3- Twitter (Nando Llorella). an incursion into Twitter analyzing everything could be related to tourism. Nando is setting out to become a live encyclopedia.

4- Is Google a distribution channel for hotels? (Albert Barra). Albert says Google are the parents. So pay attention to positioning.

5- VideoReviews: opinions about hotels with pictures (Carlo Álvarez). This is an evolution, and one of the keys is going from words to images.

6- The importance of intangibles (Juan Sobejano). Intangibles are the key to the success in a hotel management.

7- Designing an open destination and an open business (or trying to) (Edu William). Transparency in his management idea. He means it and he will achieve it, no doubt.

8- The organization of the future for mature touristic destinations (Clan-destinos). Cohesion in network, collaboration, specialization and innovation. Those are the keys.

9- I don’t believe anything (Juan Sobejano). Philosophical vision of materialism, extrapolated to the tourism sector.

10- Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park (Jorge Gobbi). Rafael takes again this post, because of its pictures, but to mention the impressive New York guide Jorge Gobbi is writing in his blog, on the occasion of his endless trip. Long life…

Content is the new ad (Javier Godoy). Good ads are not made of pictures but of quality content, generated in network and at a lower cost than traditionally. Javier Godoy explains it in a crystal-clear way.

Are we a shared community? (Chris Pomeroy). The proposal by Chris Pomeroy last week, keeps going on.

Let’s go for the disruptive innovation? (Oriol Miralbell). This discussion about a very interesting model to motivate the sense of innovation, comes to life again.

That’s all, fellows.

See you next week, thanks to Rafael!

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Week 29 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends!

As you can see, we keep on our line, and this is the 13th summary (good number). We must say the articles this week, either directly in Turismo 2.0, or in their corresponding author’s blogs, are more interesting, serious and professionals. and we should add the comments by the rest. My friends, this is the best tourism school, no kidding.

Week 29 summary


1- Toursim Office? OR ¿All-purpose Office? (Joan Gou) To understand it, we recommend you to read the number 9 point of this briefing.
2- Thanks for your sensitivity : The 3.9 is a reality ¡¡¡ (Manuel Colmenero). Full success in the event promoted by the Comando Cariñena
3- “If this is true, go closing your kiosk” (Joan Gou). “El sueño de la razón produce monstruos” (Goya)
4- Expectations as a management element. (Juan Sobejano). A true study about empathy and other questions.
5- Vuelto a nacer [A very narrow escape] (Chris Pomeroy). Rafael considers this is the best introduction to Turismo 2.0 up to now.
6- Opinion management, a very complex issue (Jordi Casassayas)
7- Isla Cristina’s seasonality. The magical formulae to break seasonality was discovered. This is to say… (Marcos Alonso). Some “good ideas”, we might review them.
8- Hope you’ll like this little album gathering our event in Abadal … (Alicia Estrada). This is the illustrated confirmation for the 3.9, commented on point number 2 of this briefing.
9- – What’s the use of a tourism office? (Joan Gou). In our ranking, this would be the second post, very nearly. It was time to start talking about those issues, and it was Joan Gou who did it, it couldn’t be any other way.
10- How does Trip Advisor do the assessment about Hotels and other touristic services? (Ignasi Casellas)

OUTSTANDING: – ON THE OCCASION OF A GREAT FAIR EVENT (Angels Bueno). Because of news about exhorbitant prices of hotel rooms in Barcelona generated by overbooking in the city at the time of the 3GSM Fair, a spectacular debate came up. The most interesting of the week.


1- Main features of a Web 2.0 design (Nando Llorella). A Must-read if your thinking about creating or improving the web of a hotel 2.0
2- If Google was un Hotel (Albert Barra)
3- Typical clichés (Isaac Vidal). Excellent transcription, with personal comments, of the interview to José Luis Zoreda (Exceltur’s President) in Editur.
4- Entrevista con Jesús Gatell presidente de los Hoteleros de Madrid (Jimmy Pons). Una muestra más de profesionalidad en red por el Maestro Pons.
5- In the name of the hotel (Carlo Álvarez). All this controversy, couldn’t be just because it’s about Tripadvisor? Would it be the same if the “accused” was another one?
6- Tripadvisor and hoteliers, the war begins?. (Juan Sobejano). To corroborate the above-mentioned point.
7- New technologies for touristic visits (Clan-Destinos). MP3, handy, PDA’s, GPS & SIG as support for the cultural touristic guided visits.
8- Our competitors follow us very narrow or… am I becoming a paranoid? (Nacho Giral). No Nacho, but good ideas have great chances to get imitated. This is our opinion.
9- Milon (Jorge Gobbi). We feel like going to NY, at least to be able to eat there. A perfect description.
10- Open Business. The open hotel. Looks for personnel (Rafael Martínez). Rafael includes his own post because he needs opinions and participation. Be kind and let him know you’re there.
My foreman’s entrace in Fitur (El Blog de un Hotel). Because of the last great idea. He not only writes but also answers interviews. And gives us a video with sereval Turismo 2.0 members. This is to loop the loop.

Mallorca Event Turismo 2.0. (David Camps) Another event call. It’s starting to become a healthy habit.
Are we a shared community?. (Chris Pomeroy) A great proposal for a networked project. Chris has started making a big impact.
– Attention to the Magic Costablanca initiative. This could be a revolution. David Vicent goes beyond day by day.
Is it worth to invest in a web analysis system? (Prisilla). Looks like the right answer is yes, but not without the indispensable human intervention. Technology is useless without people.

Rafael says that translation is a good simile to define empathy, a fashionable concept. I couldn’t imagine a better and creative way to invite people to join and read my translation. Thanks Rafael, you’re the boss 🙂

See you next week and thanks again, Rafael!

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Week 28 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends!

Here you are the summary for week 28.

Week 28 summary


1- Several comments and posts about the I Yearly Event and/or FITUR, as:
My vision about the first Turismo 2.0 yearly event (Enrique Fernández)
FITUR Brakes Hands (Marcos Alonso)
Daily Confusions (Joan Gou)
WEEK 2.0 IN FITUR (Víctor Mayans)
Never late to learn (Jose A. Tamargo). Specially interesting because of its subtleness and sincerity.

2- Iberia. Do It Yourself. Low-cost service at high price. (Javier garcía Cuenca), about the incidence he suffered coming back home.

3- Suggest you participate to “Share your Travel Marketing Secrets” (Claude Benard). Introduction to the blog Tourism Internet Marketing. A good initiative. We hope it will be very successful.

4- Figures, figures, figures…. Is it possible for a touristic destination to reach Sustainability and Competitiveness at the same time? How? (Jesús Álvarez). We should tend to complement the statistical figures with quality and sustainability balances.

5- A Tripadvisor le dieron “pal pelo” (Jordi Ruiz). Who audits the auditor?.

6- From 2.0 to 3.9 first meeting of ABADAL comunity members (Manuel Colmenero). After the Yearly Event, another meeting for Turismo 2.0 members. What a shame that I won’t be able to attend it!

7- LOW COST – LOW TRANSPARENCY (Jordi Gurri). Bad practices by Low Cost companies. Let’s make everything clear once and for all.

8- Comunidad vs. social network (Prisilla). Are we aware where and what do we play?. How much snob is there in the 2.0 concept?

9- Today’s anecdote (Felipe Martínez). A humorous? anecdote, to refresh the ambiance.

10- TriprTV becomes the first web to pay users’ videos (Claudio).


1- Web Analysis to improve conversion (Nando Llorella). A call for attention to the use of tools to help companies to improve the key aspects of their web.

2- TAPAWEB 18: Synchronize your data using a USB (Jimmy Pons). A new daily tool, thanks to Jimmy and Jordi

3- We shouldn’t kill the transporter just because we don’t like the goods (Albert Barra). Answer to articles by other bloggers about Tripadvisor’s credibility, as the one by Jordi.

4- Quality image by the customer (Juan Sobejano). The right Quality point of view is the customer’s.

5- Are you positive about who am I? Come to meet me (El Hotel). It’s identity becomes revealed little by little. This time, there is an opportunity to walk on its floor and to touch its walls.

6- From the bed-mentality to the relations-mentality (Edu Williams). Tourism growths and it will become more profitable when the actors interrelations will be established (client, agency, hotel destination,..)

7- Flying stinks (Jorge Gobbi). A great analysis about the airlines “wonders”.

8- Innovation (Juan Sobejano). He defines CRM and Quality in a single sentence. Is this what we call Impact?

9- A complicated future for the physical travel agencies (Nacho Giral). We believe the future-present is clear.

10- The communion with the Client 2.0 (Marcos Alonso). The conversation with the customer might not be enough. Maybe we should take communion with him/her.


Regular readers will notice there is no outstanding article. In the case of post, Rafael didn’t find one with so much impact as to point at it this week. In the case of Blogroll, what happens is just the contrary. Five or six could apply. Finally, Rafael decided to not mention anyone.
However, to follow the custom, this week you will find an outstanding article in this section. Let’s keep going on.

GROUPS PRICES (Jaime López). A very interesting issue.

FITUR OR VANITIES’ SHOW (Jordi Gurri). We’ll find here what we really think about Fitur 2008.

Opinionns about my hotel. A thread or a benefit? (Prisilla). Another article about customer in Internet.

The touristic open business does exist?. Juan Sobejano & Julen Iturbe create a spectacular approach about new management models based on the Open Business mentality that have amazed and fascinated us the whole week. An impressive concept we must follow up closely.

It has provoked the creation of a new group: Proyectos e Innovación 2.0 (by Juan Sobejano, and this week is the best).

See you next Friday! Thanks to Rafael.

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Week 27 on Turismo 2.0

Hi, friends.
This week is focused on the I Yearly Event and Fitur.
Rafael excuses himself because this week he had little time to prepare this briefing. No Rafael, I do not accept your excuses, I’m really grateful for your summaries and I really appreciate the time you devote to them and the willingness you show. But, as I said last week, this Friday and Saturday I was in EbreBloc, so I’m translating it on Sunday. Sorry for this delay.

Summary of week 27

1- Information searches in Internet… and changes in the purchasing decision. (Rafael González). On the impact of users’ generated content.
2- Reading comments in TripAdvisor doubles purchases (and without medical prescription) (J. Antonio Rodríguez Gamero). Y A post following the same line as the previously commented one.
3- Countdown to the Yearly Event 2.0, watch out. (Albert Barra). A briefing report about the event, three or four days before the Event, with several opinions and solutions to some doubts about it.
4- Training on tourism. (Juan Sobejano). An analysis on training on this sector, dividing the employees between four groups and suggesting a gradual transfer of all of them to the best group.
5- EL ARTE DE EMPEZAR-(VIA EL INICIADOR). (Tony R.D.). A good reading recommendation.
6- The transparent hotel (Pere Marti Franco). A very good thought by Pere, close to become the outstanding one in this summary. But this week, the Yearly Event was the focus.
7- A world apart….Where is the reality? (Nuria Bosor). A presentation post full of reality.
8- Why? (Tony R.D.). Where is the Quality in the tourism strenght of Spain?.
9- Adprosumer, prosumer and consumer. Tourist’s etology. (Juan Sobejano). Magnificent and basic summary on the tourist’s types.
10- Figures, Figures, Figures…. Destination competitiveness and sustainability, are compatible efforts? (Jesús Álvarez). On combining sustainability and competitiveness. Is it possible?

OUTSTANDING: Juan L. Sobejano me ha mandado un correo, lo leo , y a continuacion creo que … (Joan Gou). A reference to the Hosteltur magazine number 168 by Joan Gou.


1- Not everything is On Line (Jordi Ruiz). We shouldn’t become crazy or run so fast with the 2.0 revolution. It’s what Jordi explains to us.
2- Quality certificates vs. on-line reputation. (Juan Sobejano). All of us rise the hell about this kind of things.
3- Unire and death (Jorge Gobbi). A peculiar mystery story, to have a good time.
4- Hosteltur brings the online knowledge to the whole sector (Edu William). A post about Hosteltur’s magazine number 168, by Edu, showing very well the way he feels about the 2.0 concept.
5- Pregunta de examen… (J.Antonio Donaire / Jordi Casassayas). What role should adopt a tourism office?
6- The Fiturtech 2.0 interview (El Hotel del Blog). It did it again, and we still wish we’d been able to know who is it and make sure it is what some think it is and what others believe.
WARNING: It’s not as clear as it seams!
7- Minube launches customized widgets (Nando Llorella). Another news by Nando, as interesting as usually.
8- The Hotel’s parking (Marcos Alonso). Marcos, you’ll end up with something like what you got with the toilet brush.
9- Hotels, Wines and colas (Albert Barra). Are we able to distinguish between good and bad at first sight?
10- Travel 2.0 – How to promote tourism using videos (Joantxo Llantada). The World 2.0 is unlimited. Read what Joantxo tells us.

SPECIAL MENTION to the briefings about the I Yearly Event Turismo 2.0 by Nando Llorella: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, , by Antonio López de Ávila and by Rafael Martínez. It was the most important and outstanding this week, over all the rest. Thanks to all the people attending the event and to the rest (as said Albert), but who followed it on line.


Hotels categorization, a discussion proposed by Carlos Gómez.
A squandered Paradise, a debate formulated by Joan Gou
Horizontal town planning vs Vertical one. Which one is the best model under the point of view of sustainability?, a new defense of Benidorm’s model, this time by Javier García Cuenca.

See you next Friday

Thanks to Rafael!

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Week 26 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends!
Once again, we must remark the participation increase in Turismo 2.0, week by week, based on participants.

Summary of week 26


1- Yahoo and its web award (Marcos Alonso). Turismo 2.0 was nominated to the Yahoo award. How do we feel about the result?
2- Arrieros somos….. (Joan Gou). An interesting post (as usual by Joan), full of irony and complaint.
3- Vitalizing a community (Tirso Maldonado). To start approaching how to vitalize a community, some rules should be establish at the beginning. Is this necessary?.
4- The travel agencie’s future (Tirso Maldonado). Review of three generations of travel agencies, which seems to lead to the need of specialization.
5- Keeping customers 2.0 in the hotel sector (Tirso Maldonado). Listening to the customers, involving them to the product creation and founding a branding membership feeling. These are the keys according to Tirso.
6- Benidorm, an “Intelligent Territory” (Javier García Cuenca). A new approach about vertical growth goodness, adding the talent retention in cities.
7- THE MODEL OF “LAS x M’s DE LA DIRECCION” (Luis Simpson). A dialectical show with a curious word game. Very recommendable.
8- La Sicología Positiva, una gran aliada del turismo experiencial (José A. García Suárez). Creating touristic products based on positive sociology and looking for happiness.
9- Entering the final straight to the Yearly Event 2.0, watch out! (Albert Barra). There are only 5 days left and some so-called sponsors are not keeping their promises.
10- Information searches in Internet… and changes in purchasing decisions. (Rafael González). About the potential impact of content generated by users on tourism consumption.
OUTSTANDING: ADPROSUMER, the new customer (Tirso Maldonado). It’s a term imprinted by Tirso and with many possibilities, as the generated debate and different posts it has provoked. Please, join the debate.


1- I DO NOT ADMIT CUES (Marcos Alonso). It looks like some normal things admitted outside the hotel and generally accepted, are not admitted in a hotel. Why is it?
2- 2.0 Training. The new training paradigm required by the Einstein generation (Joantxo Llantada). Once again we are being told that it’s time to start taking seriously this change.
3- Lateral thinking to manage conflicts. (Juan Sobejano). Nothing better to solve conflicts that a way of thinking based on creativity and ingeniousness.
4- This Blog it’s one year old today (Albert Barra). Congratulations, Albert. If you’ve done so much in just one year, what should we expect for the next one?.
5- The vicious circle in tourism (J. Antonio Donaire). How could we avoid the urban depopulation from the city center to the outskirts?
6- Clues about clues, for the absent-minded looking for clues (El Hotel). A clue about its identity given by hotel del blog. This one is about aristocracy.
7- Nowadays students (II) (Edu William). Second half part about students behaviors nowadays.
8- Why hosting our pictures or multimedia files in social hostings? (Edu William). To find them faster (tags), to share and assess. And, attention! as a back-up. This is what Edu tells us through an illustrative video.
9- About market 2.0 and Enterprise 1.0 (Albert Barra). Managers and enterprise should be at the same level, in the same dimension. What happens when it’s not so?
10- Southwest Airlines tests the broadband Internet in their flights (Nando Llorella). Wifi in the plane. This starts to reach very high.
11- Madrid, the first spanish city integrating the 2.0 concnept in its official web (Jimmy Pons). Rafael is very proud as both, active member of 2.0, an also as a Madrid’s citizen. A thoughtful and attractive bet. Please, take a look at it.

SPECIAL MENCION “ex aequo” to THE TOILET BRUSH (Marcos Alonso) and If toilet brushes in a hotel are suitable or not (El Hotel).
Marcos launches it and kicks up a fuss with many diverse comments and much participation. El Hotel, seeing the “issue’s importance” takes the challenge and publishes a post that, up to now has received by 200 comments.


Besides posts and blogroll, very little to add.

Sustainability issues, some jokes, opening eyes and mind in front of a apertura de ojos y de mente ante a life’s drama we perceive very far away. And some recommendations from La Contra, in La Vanguardia, by Joan Gou, we’re leaving here this sample.

And last but not least:


See you next Friday in Rafael’s Blog (with a very special edition summing up the Yearly Event 2.0). Carme’s Blog will be updated on Sunday, since there is a Yearly Event in Terres de l’Ebre on Friday and Saturday. It’s free and everybody is welcome!

Thanks, Rafael!

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In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs are making?

1. Not sharing their ideas, and being afraid of competitors.
2. Trying to perfect version 1.0, instead of shipping and iterating.
3. Being overly focused on money or exits.
4. Not building something they’d use (if they hadn’t built it).
5. Trying to do everything themselves.

From an interview with Matt Mullenweg.

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