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Week 33 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends,
We’re closing week 33 in Turismo Turismo 2.0 with this summary full of empathy, Elections, Cuba, the Hotel and other stories.

Summary of week 33


To my expert bloggers… To the Juan, Albert, Jordi, Edu, Joan, Rafael, Marcos, Jimmy, Javiers, Nando, Isaac, Joantxo, Ignasi, Victor, Carme, … and many others. An urgent post. (Luis Simpson). With this unforgetable post, Luis Simpon thanks the bloggers who shared conversations with with. Because of this post (already mentioned in the translated summary of last week) other posts have been created, outstanding this week. Keep on reading…
“ACAV became discredited to talk about association unity”, says UNAV (Joan Gou)
Outrageous prices or prices by market demand (Ignasi Casellas)
OT book two point o. The process continues. (Oriol Miralbell). Following the discussion about the use of tourism offices, a collaborative book has been created, which overcomes the first phase.
Reception Department, by Jaione Bilbao Henry (Rafael Martínez). Rafael issued this post to publish a great job by Jaione Bilbao Henry, member of Turismo 2.0. He kindly asks to give your opinion in the comments of this post.
Do we have touristic enterprises 2.0 in Spain? (José A. Rodríguez Gamero). Applying tools 2.0 as a fashion does not make it an enterprise 2.0
Leadership (Juan Sobejano). The term leadership looks like follows different paths as expected by some people.
Miguel Ullibarri: “Banish the term ‘pata negra’!” (Manuel Colmenero). Manuel brings as a “Pata Negra” interview
UNPLUGGED (Victor Mayans). Dedicated to people suffering stress 2.0 and e-mail-anxiety, there are some “chiromassage” remedies.
Sensations (Pere Marti Franco). What does she/he do, whats does she/he think when making a reservation from the distance? We can only have a hunch, based on our sensations.

For Luis Simpson (Albert Barra). Almost nothing more needs to be said. The origin of this post has been explained in the fist post of this list. Because, with so much gratefulness, Albert Barra has given a gift 2.0 to Luis Simpson. A blog for him.


Am I who you thought I was? (El Hotel). The hotel makes a balance of his competition and reveals his identity.
The birth was ok and the baby is healthy girl. The comunidad.hosteltur.com was born. (Jimmy Pons). Finaly, the Hosteltur community brings to life, with best predictions.
Ten museums you should not miss out (Clan- destinos). A great cultural work all touristic guides should read.
How did El Corte Inglés increase its online sales? (Nando Llorella). Sometimes news are not as strict as they look like. We should see the whole context.
One thousand subscriptions in RSS, some practical advice and information sources (Albert Barra). Gongrats, Albert. This is impetuous. Where will he get…?
And the winners are… (El Hotel). An original way, very 2.0, to make the competition winners known.
Tourism 2.0: the social Web as a platform to develop a knowledge-based ecosystem (Edu William). Edu shares with us a great work we all should reed and comment. He deserves it.
About guides, comissions and destinations (Jorge Gobbi). Sometimes, the touristic guides base their routes on the comissions they get from the visited places instead of the actual cultural interest of the destination.
Demistifying 2.0 (Jordi Ruiz). But there’s no need to make such a fuss.
Back to dictatorship? (Juan Sobejano). Sad, disgraceful and despicable news telling us about a fact like anachronistic minds.

A new blog was born (Luis Simpson). This is the third mention. Luis thanks Albert hi gift and this is the result. Readers are on top of the world because we will be able to read Luis in his own space.


What do you think about the status of hotel producto “Sun and Beach” in Spain? (Manuel Menéndez Díaz del Río). Lack of renewal and fresh ideas in the hotel product “Sun adn Beach”.
Yearly meeting in Patagonia Chile & Argentina 2008/2009 (Edgardo Cáceres Rubilar). A proposal for a yearly meeting, very ambitious.
Family Tourism (Marta). Roud table to discuss the family tourism. A very interesting issue with a big market.
REVENUE MANAGEMENT: POSSIBLE DEBATES (Jaime López Chicheri). The debate about Revenue and Yiend initiate by Jaime some weeks ago continues. Cheer up, Jaime, carry on..

See you next week, thanks to Rafael!

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