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Monthly Archive for March, 2007

On March 17 & 18, I attended the course “Els rapinyaires del Delta de l’Ebre i dels Ports“. Theoretical Session : We had the theory on the 17th in the morning. The animals we were about to see are classified in the order of Falconiformes, with 4 families: Carthartidae (sub-order, vultures) Pandionae (Fish Eagle) Accipitridae […]

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My favorite WordPress Plugins

Sharing the plug-ins, which best work for us? Not a bad idea at all, mainly bearing in mind the whole bunch of available plug-ins for WordPress. The other day, while talking to Ferran (who has a brand new WordPress for his LliberNatura) he suggested me that I could write a post about the WordPress plug-ins […]

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Multilingual Blog

Last month, I prepared a presentation as a support to explain how did I build this blog you’re reading right now and how to make it possible to publish in different languages. Finally, I decided to translate it and share it here, just in case somebody finds it useful. See you! Update: The most comprehensive […]

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