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What’s the point of adding territorial restrictions to online campaings?

Via Sustainable Travel I reached the video-campaing launched by Just Do One.

It’s about encouraging us to create a 3 minutes video to explain an idea suitable to be done by everyone individually with the aim to improve our planet. We can find many ideas on the Just do One’s blog to save energy, local products consumption, etc. This campaign will unveil new ways to spread ideas like those ones using audiovisual means.

The award for the best proposal is 5.000 US dólares.

The sponsor behind this campaign is Special Nutrition Group, focused on what they call the nutraceuticals market, people who want to take care of their wealth through a better nutrition and they are maily in the USA. We could discuss if what they offer is aligned with what the campaign will transmit, but this is not the aim of the post.

From a business perspective I see consistency on driving the contest to the USA residents using the elements known to be accepted there. However, what surprised me most is discovering that  one of the contest rules is to be a Resident of the USA.

It seams exaggerated to be so focused on the current customer base and close doors in such a limited manner to future clients. Why do they waste the opportunity to reach a bigger potential market, people who can arrive thru the cyberspace joining space and territory?

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