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Turismo 2.0 on week 35

Hi friends,

After Easter’s break, we come back with a new summary, for week 35. Turismo 2.0 also felt the break, with less content than other weeks. But you will find here the most outstanding contents of both weeks.

Week 35 summary:

  1. Shyness vs Emotion (Jordi Ruiz). Debating on the best way to transmit emotions in the Web: audio?, video?, text?,…
  2. Where is the calm of olden times? (Manuel Colmenero). Manuel proposes routine calm as a metaphor for the world surrounding us.
  3. Re-putation (Joan Gou). Some day, hoteliers and travel agents will be able to make business together…
  4. Tripadvisor answers. (Juan Sobejano). Tripadvisor answers what they want.
  5. CONTEST: “TELL WHAT WOULD BE YOUR IDEAL HOTEL” (Enrique Fernández). Hotel campaign in the style of 2.0, some people say it’s “astroturf”. And what is it?
  6. Becas “Turismo de España” – Convocatoria para Españoles (Antonio López de Ávila). Una buena información para acceder a formación turística de la buena.
  7. Actitud en la red (Jordi Ruiz). Interesantísimo post sobre la situación de los usuarios y no usuarios de la red clasificados en categorías.
  8. Hola a todos!! (La educación es lo primero) (Emilio del Val). Presentación en la sociedad Turismo 2.0 de Emilio con una entrada cargada de verdades.
  9. Forget about 2.0. See the next web 3.0 (Manuel Colmenero). Manuel, very prolific this week (he may not have holidays), gives us a vision of what will come. what a stress!.
  10. A del.icio.us account for Turispod (Jordi Ruiz). A proposal by Jordi to listen to the “turispod’s” collection in Del-icio-us

No doubt, because it’s about all of us together:

Turismo 2.0 awarded the Prize Alimara 2008 (Albert Barra). And we extend the congratulations to all the members in Turismo 2.0.


  1. Hotels at the rear in the use of 2.0 (Luis Simpson). Absolutely true. Rafael had also said it in some occasion.
  2. Users 1.9 and Web 2.0 (Jordi Ruiz). Apps production and their net effect is vertiginous and some people cannot keep the pace.
  3. Automatic converter from text to sound. (Nacho Giral). A genial discovery to bring closer the Web 2.0 to people with difficulties to read the texts.
  4. The 3GSM get out of Barcelona. (Albert Barra). Nobody takes account for loosing this opportunity. Quite spread attitude in Spain, loosing what benefits to everybody by throwing stones over our own roof. The attitude it’s a petty, but the organization has something to do with it as well.
  5. Managing a touristic destination: La DMO. (Clan-destinos). Supporting and giving notoriety to organization of this kind its a good thing, but it is vital that they are able to adapulsar y dar notoriedad a organizaciones de este tipo, está muy bien, aunque es vital que tengan capacidad para adaptarse a los cambios que se producen en el mercado turístico. (Textual de la entrada original)
  6. Bloggers y Redes comerciales (Jorge Gobbi). El uso de las redes sociales por algunos bloggers y su afán por ingresar más, disminuye, sin duda, la calidad de los textos.
  7. The challenge 2.0. (Sandra). More about the meaning of 2.0, but with some added value.
  8. An example of simplicity and usability. (Nando Llorella). In this case, the image speaks by itself. Brilliant.
  9. Recommended readings from 22nd March to 25th March. (Albert Barra). We will recommend this time the recommended readings by Albert Barra as an exception.
  10. Lowering the customer’s speakers volume?. (Marcos Alonso). The Client, the Client, the Client,…

Human Resources in the Plan Turismo 2020. (Juan Sobejano). Analysis by Juan on the arguable Plan, focused on the Human Resources field. He published two posts up to now and they’re very interesting.


Workshop or meeting in Mallorca? somebody get engaged? . (Prisilla). It looks like a next meeting in Mallorca is becoming real.

Supportive auction of on-line trips. After an initial proposal by Chris Pomeroy, this initiate was born, promising to be something big and Turismo 2.0 collaborates actively.

Logo for Turismo 2.0. Albert Barra proposes to create a logo for Turismo 2.0. This are the rules: it must contain Jimmy Pons’ picture (the one included in every summary).

Interestign interview to Amparo Fernández (General Secretary for Tourism (in Spain)) by Manuel Colmenero. Very much recommendable

See you next Friday, thanks to Rafael,


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