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Week 36 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends,

This week, the significant issues influencing Turismo 2.0 have been solidarity, the economical crisis, don Pedro Zargoza, the Plan Turismo 2020, logos… Let’s see all this in detail:

Week 36 summary

1- SPAM provokes REFUSAL (Marcos Alonso). We all know what Spam is; but what has no sense is that some hotel chains, with a created reputation, use this technique.

2- Touristic Planners without Borders (José Antonio Donaire). José Antonio, in a compromised way, proposes an initiative to foster touristic destinations in poorly developed countries.

3- Hi everybody!! (Education goes first) (Emilio del Val Redondo). This is an issue never well assumed: the so much desired quality in University training on Tourism.

4- Competition 2.0: “CREATE THE LOGO FOR TURISMO 2.0” (Albert Barra). It looks like the time has come to create a logo for Turismo 2.0. We only ask for maintaining the reference to Jimmy Pons’ picture. Candidates are increasing.

5- Reputation Defender (Amic Andreu). Nasty flavour the possibility to buy the online reputation.

6- Explanation to the financial crisis we are suffering. Leopoldo Abadía – Profesor del I.E.S.E (Manuel Colmenero). Simply spectacular. This is an article with a wide dissemination but the truth is it’s really good.

7- Was it necessary to rebirth “Curro”? (Juan Antonio Rodríguez Gamero). Some things are just anachronistic and there’s no need to return to them (flamenco y olé).

8-Good bye to Don Pedro Zaragoza, touristic pioneer (Joantxo Llantada). A tribute to the founder of Benidorm, as we know it today. Thanks to those tributes, many people have learned this story we must feel as part of ours.

9-Video about Tripadvisor.com and more Comments (Lasse Rouhiainen). Someone sticks up for Tripadvisor, but the critics continue.

10- The importance of having the information up to date (David Delgado). The information about the customer must be accurate and updated because it’s an insurance for our hotel. We possibly should motivate the data quality.

Attitude in the web (Jordi Ruiz). An interesting post about the type of users in Internet. The most interesting part of the analysis is seeing the low levels of content creation.

1- What complements what? (Edu William). In a trend towards touristic services interrelated we cannot establish a unique service as a core and having the rest of services around it, depending on it or classifying them as “complementary”.
2- Comment on strategies of link interchanges (Nando Llorella). This is a popular practice we should be careful about. Nando explains it very well, as usual.
3- Marketing 2.0, ignorance and cheeks (Albert Barra). This is the first explanation and origin of the series of posts about spam.
4- The business of on-line surnames (Carlo Álvarez). If you want references about genealogy or on-line reputation tools, do not look further. Very good, Carlo.
5- Human Resources and the Plan Turismo 2020 (Juan Sobejano). Juan continues with this well structured collection. The link takes you to the last one up to now.
6- What’s Next in Marketing & Advertising (Jordi Ruiz). Not very useful to have so much theory based on similar concepts and so much shared but not put in practice in a much more conclusive fashion.
7- Even if the intangible wears silk… (Marcos Alonso). (You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear) It’s not possible to implant “intangible philosophies” in enterprises without having reformed the processes of customer attention and quality.
8- Do we all have a tiny bit of madness? (Chris Pomeroy). It’s clear that some things are fruit of fashion, but if it has no justification, fashion could become counterproductive.
9- Professionals (Jorge Gobbi). A new complaint about an old question. The graphical media re criticizing now what they will use afterwards in their benefit.
10- Majestic Hotel Group videos in the corporate site (Ignasi Casellas). A great beat by Majestic, which deserves our recognition. However, from that page to the one of MGM Grand, there’s still place for improvement.

Explanations about the financial crisis we are suffering (Nacho Giral). Already commented in the Posts’ section. Spectacular.
Beach Hotel, to what distance from the beach? (Prisilla). Muy buen debate sobre un tema que quizá nunca nos hayamos lanteado algunos de raices urbanas.
Q from quality? (Emilio del Val). A new attack to the “Q”. Everybody is against it, but the “Q” keeps on growing.

And a special recommendation: do not miss Turispod. The radio modernizes.That’s all, folks

See you next week, thanks to Rafael!

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