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Week 29 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends!

As you can see, we keep on our line, and this is the 13th summary (good number). We must say the articles this week, either directly in Turismo 2.0, or in their corresponding author’s blogs, are more interesting, serious and professionals. and we should add the comments by the rest. My friends, this is the best tourism school, no kidding.

Week 29 summary


1- Toursim Office? OR ¿All-purpose Office? (Joan Gou) To understand it, we recommend you to read the number 9 point of this briefing.
2- Thanks for your sensitivity : The 3.9 is a reality ¡¡¡ (Manuel Colmenero). Full success in the event promoted by the Comando Cariñena
3- “If this is true, go closing your kiosk” (Joan Gou). “El sueño de la razón produce monstruos” (Goya)
4- Expectations as a management element. (Juan Sobejano). A true study about empathy and other questions.
5- Vuelto a nacer [A very narrow escape] (Chris Pomeroy). Rafael considers this is the best introduction to Turismo 2.0 up to now.
6- Opinion management, a very complex issue (Jordi Casassayas)
7- Isla Cristina’s seasonality. The magical formulae to break seasonality was discovered. This is to say… (Marcos Alonso). Some “good ideas”, we might review them.
8- Hope you’ll like this little album gathering our event in Abadal … (Alicia Estrada). This is the illustrated confirmation for the 3.9, commented on point number 2 of this briefing.
9- – What’s the use of a tourism office? (Joan Gou). In our ranking, this would be the second post, very nearly. It was time to start talking about those issues, and it was Joan Gou who did it, it couldn’t be any other way.
10- How does Trip Advisor do the assessment about Hotels and other touristic services? (Ignasi Casellas)

OUTSTANDING: – ON THE OCCASION OF A GREAT FAIR EVENT (Angels Bueno). Because of news about exhorbitant prices of hotel rooms in Barcelona generated by overbooking in the city at the time of the 3GSM Fair, a spectacular debate came up. The most interesting of the week.


1- Main features of a Web 2.0 design (Nando Llorella). A Must-read if your thinking about creating or improving the web of a hotel 2.0
2- If Google was un Hotel (Albert Barra)
3- Typical clichés (Isaac Vidal). Excellent transcription, with personal comments, of the interview to José Luis Zoreda (Exceltur’s President) in Editur.
4- Entrevista con Jesús Gatell presidente de los Hoteleros de Madrid (Jimmy Pons). Una muestra más de profesionalidad en red por el Maestro Pons.
5- In the name of the hotel (Carlo Álvarez). All this controversy, couldn’t be just because it’s about Tripadvisor? Would it be the same if the “accused” was another one?
6- Tripadvisor and hoteliers, the war begins?. (Juan Sobejano). To corroborate the above-mentioned point.
7- New technologies for touristic visits (Clan-Destinos). MP3, handy, PDA’s, GPS & SIG as support for the cultural touristic guided visits.
8- Our competitors follow us very narrow or… am I becoming a paranoid? (Nacho Giral). No Nacho, but good ideas have great chances to get imitated. This is our opinion.
9- Milon (Jorge Gobbi). We feel like going to NY, at least to be able to eat there. A perfect description.
10- Open Business. The open hotel. Looks for personnel (Rafael Martínez). Rafael includes his own post because he needs opinions and participation. Be kind and let him know you’re there.
My foreman’s entrace in Fitur (El Blog de un Hotel). Because of the last great idea. He not only writes but also answers interviews. And gives us a video with sereval Turismo 2.0 members. This is to loop the loop.

Mallorca Event Turismo 2.0. (David Camps) Another event call. It’s starting to become a healthy habit.
Are we a shared community?. (Chris Pomeroy) A great proposal for a networked project. Chris has started making a big impact.
– Attention to the Magic Costablanca initiative. This could be a revolution. David Vicent goes beyond day by day.
Is it worth to invest in a web analysis system? (Prisilla). Looks like the right answer is yes, but not without the indispensable human intervention. Technology is useless without people.

Rafael says that translation is a good simile to define empathy, a fashionable concept. I couldn’t imagine a better and creative way to invite people to join and read my translation. Thanks Rafael, you’re the boss 🙂

See you next week and thanks again, Rafael!

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