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Week 28 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends!

Here you are the summary for week 28.

Week 28 summary


1- Several comments and posts about the I Yearly Event and/or FITUR, as:
My vision about the first Turismo 2.0 yearly event (Enrique Fernández)
FITUR Brakes Hands (Marcos Alonso)
Daily Confusions (Joan Gou)
WEEK 2.0 IN FITUR (Víctor Mayans)
Never late to learn (Jose A. Tamargo). Specially interesting because of its subtleness and sincerity.

2- Iberia. Do It Yourself. Low-cost service at high price. (Javier garcía Cuenca), about the incidence he suffered coming back home.

3- Suggest you participate to “Share your Travel Marketing Secrets” (Claude Benard). Introduction to the blog Tourism Internet Marketing. A good initiative. We hope it will be very successful.

4- Figures, figures, figures…. Is it possible for a touristic destination to reach Sustainability and Competitiveness at the same time? How? (Jesús Álvarez). We should tend to complement the statistical figures with quality and sustainability balances.

5- A Tripadvisor le dieron “pal pelo” (Jordi Ruiz). Who audits the auditor?.

6- From 2.0 to 3.9 first meeting of ABADAL comunity members (Manuel Colmenero). After the Yearly Event, another meeting for Turismo 2.0 members. What a shame that I won’t be able to attend it!

7- LOW COST – LOW TRANSPARENCY (Jordi Gurri). Bad practices by Low Cost companies. Let’s make everything clear once and for all.

8- Comunidad vs. social network (Prisilla). Are we aware where and what do we play?. How much snob is there in the 2.0 concept?

9- Today’s anecdote (Felipe Martínez). A humorous? anecdote, to refresh the ambiance.

10- TriprTV becomes the first web to pay users’ videos (Claudio).


1- Web Analysis to improve conversion (Nando Llorella). A call for attention to the use of tools to help companies to improve the key aspects of their web.

2- TAPAWEB 18: Synchronize your data using a USB (Jimmy Pons). A new daily tool, thanks to Jimmy and Jordi

3- We shouldn’t kill the transporter just because we don’t like the goods (Albert Barra). Answer to articles by other bloggers about Tripadvisor’s credibility, as the one by Jordi.

4- Quality image by the customer (Juan Sobejano). The right Quality point of view is the customer’s.

5- Are you positive about who am I? Come to meet me (El Hotel). It’s identity becomes revealed little by little. This time, there is an opportunity to walk on its floor and to touch its walls.

6- From the bed-mentality to the relations-mentality (Edu Williams). Tourism growths and it will become more profitable when the actors interrelations will be established (client, agency, hotel destination,..)

7- Flying stinks (Jorge Gobbi). A great analysis about the airlines “wonders”.

8- Innovation (Juan Sobejano). He defines CRM and Quality in a single sentence. Is this what we call Impact?

9- A complicated future for the physical travel agencies (Nacho Giral). We believe the future-present is clear.

10- The communion with the Client 2.0 (Marcos Alonso). The conversation with the customer might not be enough. Maybe we should take communion with him/her.


Regular readers will notice there is no outstanding article. In the case of post, Rafael didn’t find one with so much impact as to point at it this week. In the case of Blogroll, what happens is just the contrary. Five or six could apply. Finally, Rafael decided to not mention anyone.
However, to follow the custom, this week you will find an outstanding article in this section. Let’s keep going on.

GROUPS PRICES (Jaime López). A very interesting issue.

FITUR OR VANITIES’ SHOW (Jordi Gurri). We’ll find here what we really think about Fitur 2008.

Opinionns about my hotel. A thread or a benefit? (Prisilla). Another article about customer in Internet.

The touristic open business does exist?. Juan Sobejano & Julen Iturbe create a spectacular approach about new management models based on the Open Business mentality that have amazed and fascinated us the whole week. An impressive concept we must follow up closely.

It has provoked the creation of a new group: Proyectos e Innovación 2.0 (by Juan Sobejano, and this week is the best).

See you next Friday! Thanks to Rafael.

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