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Week 27 on Turismo 2.0

Hi, friends.
This week is focused on the I Yearly Event and Fitur.
Rafael excuses himself because this week he had little time to prepare this briefing. No Rafael, I do not accept your excuses, I’m really grateful for your summaries and I really appreciate the time you devote to them and the willingness you show. But, as I said last week, this Friday and Saturday I was in EbreBloc, so I’m translating it on Sunday. Sorry for this delay.

Summary of week 27

1- Information searches in Internet… and changes in the purchasing decision. (Rafael González). On the impact of users’ generated content.
2- Reading comments in TripAdvisor doubles purchases (and without medical prescription) (J. Antonio Rodríguez Gamero). Y A post following the same line as the previously commented one.
3- Countdown to the Yearly Event 2.0, watch out. (Albert Barra). A briefing report about the event, three or four days before the Event, with several opinions and solutions to some doubts about it.
4- Training on tourism. (Juan Sobejano). An analysis on training on this sector, dividing the employees between four groups and suggesting a gradual transfer of all of them to the best group.
5- EL ARTE DE EMPEZAR-(VIA EL INICIADOR). (Tony R.D.). A good reading recommendation.
6- The transparent hotel (Pere Marti Franco). A very good thought by Pere, close to become the outstanding one in this summary. But this week, the Yearly Event was the focus.
7- A world apart….Where is the reality? (Nuria Bosor). A presentation post full of reality.
8- Why? (Tony R.D.). Where is the Quality in the tourism strenght of Spain?.
9- Adprosumer, prosumer and consumer. Tourist’s etology. (Juan Sobejano). Magnificent and basic summary on the tourist’s types.
10- Figures, Figures, Figures…. Destination competitiveness and sustainability, are compatible efforts? (Jesús Álvarez). On combining sustainability and competitiveness. Is it possible?

OUTSTANDING: Juan L. Sobejano me ha mandado un correo, lo leo , y a continuacion creo que … (Joan Gou). A reference to the Hosteltur magazine number 168 by Joan Gou.


1- Not everything is On Line (Jordi Ruiz). We shouldn’t become crazy or run so fast with the 2.0 revolution. It’s what Jordi explains to us.
2- Quality certificates vs. on-line reputation. (Juan Sobejano). All of us rise the hell about this kind of things.
3- Unire and death (Jorge Gobbi). A peculiar mystery story, to have a good time.
4- Hosteltur brings the online knowledge to the whole sector (Edu William). A post about Hosteltur’s magazine number 168, by Edu, showing very well the way he feels about the 2.0 concept.
5- Pregunta de examen… (J.Antonio Donaire / Jordi Casassayas). What role should adopt a tourism office?
6- The Fiturtech 2.0 interview (El Hotel del Blog). It did it again, and we still wish we’d been able to know who is it and make sure it is what some think it is and what others believe.
WARNING: It’s not as clear as it seams!
7- Minube launches customized widgets (Nando Llorella). Another news by Nando, as interesting as usually.
8- The Hotel’s parking (Marcos Alonso). Marcos, you’ll end up with something like what you got with the toilet brush.
9- Hotels, Wines and colas (Albert Barra). Are we able to distinguish between good and bad at first sight?
10- Travel 2.0 – How to promote tourism using videos (Joantxo Llantada). The World 2.0 is unlimited. Read what Joantxo tells us.

SPECIAL MENTION to the briefings about the I Yearly Event Turismo 2.0 by Nando Llorella: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, , by Antonio López de Ávila and by Rafael Martínez. It was the most important and outstanding this week, over all the rest. Thanks to all the people attending the event and to the rest (as said Albert), but who followed it on line.


Hotels categorization, a discussion proposed by Carlos Gómez.
A squandered Paradise, a debate formulated by Joan Gou
Horizontal town planning vs Vertical one. Which one is the best model under the point of view of sustainability?, a new defense of Benidorm’s model, this time by Javier García Cuenca.

See you next Friday

Thanks to Rafael!

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