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Week 25 on Turismo 2.0

Hi, friends,

This week has been featured by two or three debates where the majority of opinions have been pored. This is why we don’t have the same activity level as for new proposals, but possibly the number of participants has increased as well as the debates’ extension.

Here we go:

Week 25 summary


1- “Cuéntame” about tourism (Joan Gou). Emulating the popular TV program, he tells us the way things were in the past.
2- Small hotels: a space question (David Delgado). Small but very attractive hotels. Give attention to the one with concrete tubes .
3- Is the strong touroperators’ concentration positive or negative for tourism activities? Part II (Jesús Álvarez). Continuation from last week’s debate.
5- VUELING BILBAO.!!! WATCH OUT !!! AIRPORT PERSONNEL (Marcos Alonso). Our colleague Marcos ha suffered an awful service by Vueling. All together give him support and make pressure. Juan Sobejano. Rafael Martínez
6- When was taken this picture? (Jordi Ruiz). Jordi questions the truthfulness of ad pictures in catalogues and their retouches.
7- Right-wing Management and left-wing Management? (Juan Sobejano). In an outburst of wisdom, he approaches Management styles related to politic trends. Did you ever ask this before?
8- 2.0 keywords (Jordi Ruiz). We are entering a new era and we have to start again learning new vocabulary. The new language spreads out. A guide to avoid getting lost.
9- Is it worth to invest in Fitur? (Carlo Álvarez). Again, as he did last week, he’s very realistic and discusses the practice of doing things just to follow the fashion trend, or simply because “they must be done”, without any reason.
10- Marketing on line: beyond search engines (Enrique Fernández). “Why I don’t sell if I’m doing the same things the rest do? (Answer: precisely because of that)”. Congratulations to Enrique on this four articles.

OUTSTANDING: Is the strong touroperators’ concentration positive or negative???? (Jesús Álvarez). Although it started last week, its evolution gained its place in this special paragraph. We strongly recommend to read it. A good work has been developed, which could become real.


1- Yahoo! presents the latest news on digital marketing (Nando Llorella). Nando, “the inexhaustible source” for news on the net, presents us this new one.
2- Redefining Customer Loyalty (Albert Barra).
3- Where do yo book online? (J. Antonio Donaire). Oh my!, this could be the origin of a new debate. Intermediation again. Brrrrrr.
4- What is Tourism 2.0? definition and key concepts (Edu William). Edu embeds his presentation on his blog and does so in English, as he promised last week.
5- Continuous copies (Jorge Gobbi). A new claim by Jorge. His articles are being copied and he cannot stop it.
6- SEO tricks: Is it worth to use the sitemap.xml? (Nando Llorella). More tricks
7- From the top, in video (Jorge Gobbi). Spectacular images from the Top of The Rock in New York
8- AN INTERESTING JANUARY (Víctor Mayans). To remember two important events taking place next week. (Encuentro Anual Turismo 2.0 and Wine & Blog).

SPECIAL MENTION: Vueling have to improve their Human Resources Management urgently. (Juan Sobejano). Originated because of the above-mentioned Marcos Alonso’s post generating a lot of comments giving him support and even reaching a Vueling’s employee. The employee tries to excuse his company without success, including doubts about Marco’s version. We encourage you to read it and give your opinion.


Global Tourism. A reality? A threat? (Oriol Miralbell). Oriol proposes a new and deep debate about a vogue question nowadays. Globalization from the point of view of tourism.
Hotel integration with several services (David Delgado). A practice of imagination in search of a creative business for hotels. It has imagination but it could be right too.
On the last-minute sales (Andreu Roig)
ON THE GASTRONOMIC MEETING 2.O IN ABADAL : 09th FEBRUARY. Another action taken to practice. Started by Angels Bueno and commanded by Manuel Colmenero and Joan Gou, as ringleader of the COMANDO CARIÑENA.

See you next week

Thanks, Rafael!

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