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Week 24 on Turismo 2.0

Hi friends

This is the eight summary going on. This week has been dominated by a debate we will talk about at the end of this briefing. But we’ve got other interesting things we will show you immediately.

Week 24 summary


1- The dispensable employee (Juan Sobejano). Are we doing an intelligent hiring? Are we positioning every employee in the corresponding place? These and other questions are formulated by Juan Sobejano in his post.
2 Tourism, serving vs selling (David Delgado). Somme attitudes make the difference between both concepts.
3- Is the strong concentration of tour operators positive or negative???? (Jesús Alvarez Valdés). There is a negative side including less supply of tourist packages, but there’s also a positive side fostering creativity.
4- Beautiful building in the North Coast of Galicia…. or NOT? (Jesús Alvarez Valdés). We just have to look at the photo in the post to realize it kicked the new concept of tourism.
5- Wake up! You’re in a business of commodities (Arturo Cuenllas). When the hotel product is the same in all hotels, what should you do do make a difference?
6- You shouldn’t keep exclusive ownership of your knowledge (Rafael Martínez). We already mentioned it last week, but Rafael did not include it till this one, thanks to Came Pla and Jordi Ruiz requets.
7- Ganders’ Dialogs (Manuel Colmenero). Colmenero says it’s time to take ideas into praxis and all in the same direction.
8- Waiting for the big wave (Jordi Ruiz). As this was a surfer’s film, we are waiting for the big moment.
9- Tourist 2.0 Behaviour. (María Sanz). We must see clearly what a tourist looks for in this new era of communication.
10- Do you have a good book, which makes you think? (Joantxo Llantada). Congratulations on his 40 anniversary. And he is the one who makes us an excellent gift. If you want some information about any book, you don’t have to look further, it’s in his blog

OUTSTANDING: A gift for you (Nacho Giral). What’s remarkable here is the great marketing 2.0 action by the Atrápalo’s team.


1- Tourism Blogs Ranking by Wikio (Albert Bara). A new ranking with outstanding newcommers, Jorge Gobbi, Albert Barra and Nando Llorella among the first ten positions
2- New community for rural houses’ owners (Nando Llorella). A great initiative, which will surely stimulate the rural tourism.
3- The valuable customer (Juan Sobejano). A new and necessary way to measure the customer value. Very good clarification.
4- The city as a touristic scene (Juan Antonio Donaire). Basis to promote the attractiveness of tourist destinations.
5- Actions to retain the internal customer (Juan Sobejano). Do the companies try to make “gifts” to their employees?. Very few of them follow those methods.
6- I don’t understad the people (Marcos Alonso). Hearing is not the same as listening
7- TURISPOD Nº 6 We’re back very excited after Christmas and we threaten you with more Podcasting (Jimmy Pons) One more from Turispod. Again, “Come in and listen”
8- Let’s talk about Overbooking (Joan Gou). After debate’s commotion, Joan Gou confesses.
9- Ideas to stop the climate change (Carlo Alvarez). He’s putting his feet firmly on the ground. Caution never becomes redundant. Carlo, bravo and with personality.
10- A gift for you (Nacho Giral). What’s remarkable here is the great marketing 2.0 action by the Atrápalo’s team.

SPECIAL MENTION for the wonderful, graphical and eloquent video Edu William gives us:

Change is happening. No comment can reach the level of such a study, which will open the eyes to many people


Recommended reading (Joan Gou). don’t miss the recommendation by Joan. It’s full of knowledge about many disciplines.
CREATORS OF GROUPS NOT PARTICIPATING TO (Fernanda Jatón). Comme on! What for do you create a group?. Just for posing?.
About personnel in the restaurant business… (Angels Bueno), a discussion initiated inside the group Enoturismo/Wine Tourism, whose creator is Damia Serrano, discussing the low professionalism by the employees in the restaurant business.
Data protection in Web 2.0 (Jaime López). Does the LOPD consider something related to the web 2.0?
Managing the Online Reputation (Albert Barra). Albert gives us some tools to help us avoiding to scatter our blogging tastes more than they actually are.

There are two presentation proposals for the yearly event. Does anybody join?.

Some ad posts arose. I bring it to attention without any judgment. Here it is for your consideration.

– And to finish. the great sensation of the week, with the privilege of making history in Turismo 2.0 :

HOTELS OVERBOOKING , discussion created by Alisont Liet, who simply had a doubt and, unexpectedly, created a “row” going down in history. Nobody should miss shuch an explosion of intelligent comments.

This discussion generated further post, like those by Joan Gou, Juan Sobejano, Albert Barra, or Rafael Martínez.

See you next week.
Thanks to Rafael!

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