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Week 21 on Turismo 2.0

A new english version from the weekly summary on Turismo 2.0 by Rafael Martínez [words in brackets are mine]. We’re almost on holidays. We’re cheering each other because of the number 1000 member and because of Christmas time. Jokes and good time full the community. But other issues have their place too. Here we are:

Week 21, Briefing:


“And what counts is the everyday effort persistently shared with those believing gesture expands hope, not a single day is wasted by those fighting.”Manuel Colmenero paraphrasing Miquel Marti i Pol.

“To fight the climate change, spend less fuel and save in infrastructures, the best option is to travel by lift.” Isaac Vidal

  • POSTS:

Absolute record, bordering 60 posts, giving much content. We cannot comment here all of them because it would be too long. Let’s take a sample:

1.- [ludic posts] This week started very ludic, which is always welcome.

2.- [Management]

3.- [Trends]

  • Interesting, accurate and clear-sighted post by Lola Escudero: “Una Web por Navidad”. [about the generational differences and the way we approach new technologies] Very realistic.
  • A vote for calm and tranquility. Slow travel (Fernanda Jaton)

4.- [Blogging]

5.- [Warning]

  • Thanks for this warning, We think it’s very important. ¿Estafa? (Carles Parrilla) [Be aware of possible e-mails/calls to retrieve information from you and use you to break the law].

1.- [Blogging]

2.- [Business 2.0]

3.- [Christmas]


Pueblos 2.0 arrives by Nando Llorella
Jorge Gobbi: a when “Eco” is fashion, marketing is magic ¿artificial, fake?
TURISPOD Nº 4. Another week discussed by Jimmy and Jordi.
Can a dream be a gift? (Albert Barra)
More about the digital canon.Very sharp, Edu William.
The new tourism and the comfort zone. (Juan Sobejano)
Special mention to Isaac Vidal for his rigorous and radical defense for Benidorm in Verticalidad gentil.
A gift by Nacho Giral, for this Christmas time.

Thanks, Rafael

See you next week and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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