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Here it goes my English version from the summary on Hoteles 2.0 [words in brackets are mine]


The value talented employees bring to the hotel is the ability to solve all the situations not considered by the established standards. By Juan Sobejano in “¿Dónde está el talento?”

We’ve got empty heads at both sides, and it will be difficult to fill them up with content. [about politics and global strategies] By Joan Gou in “Cumbre de expertos en marketing”.

Listening to the internal customer demands a higher effort than listening to the external customer. By Marcos Alonso in “¿Dónde está el talento?”

As you all know, my blog is anonymous. My name is not Albert Barra, I don’t work by any hotel company. My real name is Manoli, and I work as a delicatessen shop assistant´[reacting with humour to nonsense attacks and controversy]. By Albert Barra en “Nexotur y su posicionamiento frente al Turismo on line”

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Somme remarkable posts published this week:

1- To start with, the updated Unofficial Travel /Hospitality Blogs ranking by Guillaume Thevenot commented on Turismo 2.0: Nuevo Unofficial Travel / Hospitality Blogs ranking de Guillaume Thevenot

2- Turispod 1, Nexotur no soy tu enemigo. Jimmy Pons and Jordi Ruiz master a brand new “radio program” [update on tourism news and technology in a weekly podcast]. A must.

3- Juan Sobejano and Rafael Martínez are writing about hotel employees models. This week, Juan Sobejano published the article El empleado tóxico. Reparto de responsabilidades. Worth to have a look at Rafael’s label “Empleados de hotel“.

4- EMM en el Aprendizaje emocional por centros de interes Emotional Learning applied to the holiday hotels segment. By David Vicent

5- Active participation, for two weeks, in these discussions: “¿Dónde está el talento?” [Where is the talent? About the difficulties to attract talent (attitudes) by the tourism sector] and “¿Es la paridad de precios la mejor estrategia?” [Is prices parity the best strategy? About Pros and Cons of equal fares for all distribution channels, holiday hotels] Very wide issues, which could lead to new discussions.


1.- Interesting list of 20 biggest hotels in the world by Javier García Cuenca. Have a look at the MGMgrand page, absolutely impressive.

2- Megustaelturismo (Nanado Llorella) in the section “Trucos SEO”, gives us recommendations to improve our position in search engines.

3- Construcción de marca (Brand building) by Isaac Vidal

4- The “Blog del Hotel” is back, after a short break, with two new and interesting posts feeding the reader’s curiosity. One with clues about its location and an Update of magic link.

Worth to mention a sample of good irony, subtleness and intelligence [Another reaction to nonsense attacks and controversy] :

5- Carta a la UNWTO, by Edu William


– The yearly event organization continues with the collaboration of Antonio López de Ávila (thanks again) acting as a keeper for anything subject to be stored and use for the Event.

– A first proposal to organize a system to present and vote the papers has been commented.

– A special mention for the new organization on the event situation, produced by Albert Lluch, also asking for collaboration and participation.

– Javier García Cuenca offers Magic Costablanca as a sponsor for the yearly event. [Congrats!]

– New discussion about Revenue Management in “Procedimientos hoteleros y formación”

PORDESCUBRIR launches, a travel guides net. Welcome to all new web 2.0 proposals.

– Rebirth of blogs control controversy (Nexotur, OMT). This time, as the OMT is the scene of disqualifications and comments without knowledge, a throng of reactions in the blogosphere arose [some articles from a live tag] .

No me callo, [more reactions to nonsense attacks and controversy] by Jordi Ruiz


Not many new groups this week. David Giner has created:
Buenas prácticas en destinos turísticos.

See you next week

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2 Responses to “The week 18 on Turismo 2.0”

  1. Congratulations, Carme!,

    This is one of the best examples of “viralidad” and “netocracy”?(I don´t know how can I say that in English).

    As you can see I am not an expert English speaker. I only want to give you many thanks.

    I will come back next friday.


    Rafael Martínez

  2. Carme says:

    Many thanks! This is all because of you, Rafa.
    And about your question: I think so, I see it as you do.
    BTY, don’t you love learning by doing? 🙂

    Thanks for your visit and comment

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