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Week 19 on Turismo 2.0

Dear friends, find bellow my English version from the summary on Hoteles 2.0 [words in brackets are mine]

Week 19 summary:


“I don’t know whether it was my own perception in my little head or a generalized idea nobody expressed.” [about TV programs and asking for opinions about TV Travel shows in order to build a ranking] Patri M en “Nos vamos de viaje”

“How can you sell a product when you receive absolutely no support to sell it?.” [about a debate on launching new touristic options involving tourism and primary sectors together] Emilio en “Enoturismo, más eno que turismo?”

  • POSTS:

There is a great amount of posts this week. On December 7, there were 31 posts we recommend to read all of them. This is just a small sample:

1.- [Blogging]

Sobre inodoros públicos [About public toilets]. (Albert Barra). [On the controversy we commented last week] An acccurate metaphor about an exasperating issue. Judge by yourself.

Código 2.0. (Pere Marti Franco). Where and when do we need written rules in the blogosphere conversation?

2.- [Hotel Management]

Great debate with high participation level: “¿Es determinante la marca para competir? [Is brand a key factor to compete?]” (Javier García Cuenca)

Another chapter for the hotel employee models. ¿Eres un incompetente? Que te suban el sueldo [Are you incompetent? Get a salary increase]. (Juan Sobejano).

3.- [Reports]

Un poco de vino, by Manuel Colmenero [on the I Oenologycal Tourism Congress in Jerez].

4.- [Congratulations]

Raimundo Alabern becomes an entrepreneur and tells us the way he feels in Siento el viento en mi cara.

“De credibilidades varias” (Nemo) Good article by a journalist. Good to see professional journalists joining us.

5.- [Turismo 2.0 Community]

Joan Gou: Gone on strike? Wait and see.

Blog-theater 2.0 welcoming turinnova2 de Pilar Loscertales & Mar López.


1.- [Yearly Event]

– At the right side of the main page in Turismo 2.0, you will find a new procedure to propose papers to be showed at the Yearly Event.
– There is a new shortcut to allow sponsors to use Paypal.

2.- [Turismo 2.0 Community]

There is a proposal to establish some “Rules for use and living together in the Turismo 2.0 Community”, though it looks more as an experiment than a final proposal.

3.- [Marketing]

Many of us have discovered “Neuromarketing” thanks to José A. García Suárez

4.- [Books]

Great idea by Jordi Ruiz who launched the Meme Libros 2.0 to gather books talking about Web 2.0


1.- [El Blog de un Hotel]

Reactions to the new posts by El Blog de un hotel: “La tierna nueva imagen del Blog de un Hotel” & “El blog del hotel da nuevas pistas. ¿Tendrán truco?”

2.- [Management & Communication]

Albert Barra issued a post entitled “Los blogs corporativos”, following a post by Enrique Dans; few words to provoke a deeper analysis.

3.- [Podcasting]

The weekly “Turispod”, issued the number 2 podcast with a great weekly update to listen to. Waiting for the number 3 early next week.

4.- [Internet]

Nando Llorella explains us the link trading.


1.- A new group has been created this week: “Formación hotelera”

See you next week

Thanks to Rafael.

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