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Scholar Calendar

I’m preparing for next course and I’ve been making the calendar… once again. And I decided to try to make a perpetual one (once and for all, for ever). Just choose the year and it will build automatically.

Here it is (weeks start on Monday):

We see here a link to save it as excel, but I discourage it as excel lacks the function to calculate week numbers, so it will return an error in the corresponding cells. But when week numbers are not required one can simply delete the cells.

For those used to week numbers, the best option is to follow this link: Calendar-Scholar.

This page has an Export button at the upper bar menu allowing to download the file in different formats, including OpenOffice and Open Document. The OpenOffice program does have the function (it’s free and open source).

Another option is the “Preview” button allowing to print the page from our browser.

The file has several sheets:

  • Intro: Introduce here the current year to calculate your calendar. You can customize months and days labels to have them in your language.
  • Months and Year sheets: They will show your calendar in two versions: month by month or whole year.
  • Formules sheet: No need to do anything here since this sheet only contains calculations and functions used by the file to build your calendar.

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  1. Jerry says:

    hi i enjoyed the read

  2. organize says:

    You’ve got a great looking blog, like the layout of your blog.

    It puts mine to shame if you don’t mind I’ve picked up a few tips to use on my own.

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