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On March 17 & 18, I attended the course “Els rapinyaires del Delta de l’Ebre i dels Ports“.

Theoretical Session :

We had the theory on the 17th in the morning.

The animals we were about to see are classified in the order of Falconiformes, with 4 families:

Carthartidae (sub-order, vultures)

Pandionae (Fish Eagle)

Accipitridae (hawks, eagles, kites, harriers…)

Sagittaridae (secretary bird)

Falconidae (falcons and caracaras)

As for Nocturnal Birds of Prey, we were about to see 2 families:

Tytonidae (Barn-owls)

Strigidae (horned owls, eagle owls…)

About all of them, and generically, we described:

  • Feed
  • Migration
  • Reproduction
  • Moult
  • Hazards for them

About every specie, we saw slides with pictures and commented their features as:

  • Plumage
  • Differencing acc. ages and sex, coloration phases in each specie
  • Species’ origin
  • Specimens in our Park
  • Period we can see them
  • Changes in their habits, migration, localization…


Practical Sessions


On the 17th in the afternoon, we enjoyed the direct observation of birds in the Natural Park Delta de l’Ebre, where we could see almost all regular and common species.

As a curiosity, we witnessed a Booted Eagle hunted a Kestrel.


On the following table, I’ve gathered all the birds of prey in Delta de l’Ebre, translated into five languages and with links to the Wikipedia:


Link to the file in Html format.

As for species’ observation in Natural Park “Els Ports”, we did it on the 18th in the morning, departing from Mas de Barberans and arriving to “Cova del Vidre”. On the following table, I’ve collected the birds of prey in Els Ports:

Link to the file in Html format


Pictures taken by Poli.

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