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Sharing the plug-ins, which best work for us? Not a bad idea at all, mainly bearing in mind the whole bunch of available plug-ins for WordPress.

The other day, while talking to Ferran (who has a brand new WordPress for his LliberNatura) he suggested me that I could write a post about the WordPress plug-ins I use the most. And I thought this was a good idea… so here I go.

This is my selection. All of them are compatible with WordPress 2.1.2, the version I have installed right now.

  • My must-have
    • Automattic » WordPress Widgets : So that you don’t have to write so much code and you can easily organize the right-side menu, very fast, with only a drag-and-drop action. Minimum requisitions: a WordPress 2.1. or higher and a widget-compatible theme (like Misty Look). This is a list (if you don’t see the first ones, keep on surfing and the pictures will appear).
    • widgets-admin1.png
    • jovelblog » Embedded Video with Link : In our Post Writer will appear a new icon to make it easy to embed videos. We can upload our own videos and we can also add the ones already uploaded in popular platforms. Up to now, the following are included: YouTube, Google video, Myspace video, Dailymotion, Revver, Sevenload, Clipfish, Metacafé, MyVideo, Yahoo! video, ifilm, brightcove, aniBOOM, vimeo, GUBA, Garage TV. In addition, we can choose if we want to include a link and the words to appear.
    • SimpleTags – A WordPress Plugin for Technorati Tags : If you’re among Technorati tags users, this plug-in is a must-have to save you much work when writing the code. In the post editor, you just have to write [ tag ] the tag’s name [ /tag ] (without spaces) and when publishing, your post will show all the Technorati code correctly written.
    • » WordPress Plugin: Recent Comments : I will allow you to show your blog’s comments on the right-side menu, as shown in this blog. You can decide many options: how much comments to show, how long, etc.
    • LiveCommentPreview – WordPress Plugin Repository – Trac : When we write a comment on this blog, we see at the same time its preview. This is useful for people using some code, like links, bold text, etc. The preview makes it easy to see if WordPress accepts the code or not.
  • Other plugins working here
    • FeedBurner Plugin // Ordered List by Steve Smith : This is useful if we want to follow up the people reading our blog through a feed-reader. Feedburner will tell us how many people are reading our feeds, but only those reading the Feedburner address. This plugin will redirect all request to the wordpress feed to Feedburner in order to have all feeds together in a single place. It will also be useful at the time we will have to change of blog service, domain, etc. because our subscribers won’t have to do anything if we change the origin feed but we keep unchanged the one by Feedburner.
    • andare.ch – Blog » coComment Enhancer : This plugin works good to make it easy for people following their comments via coComment (I’m among them, you can see my comments here). When a blog has the coComment code integrated, if a person wants to follow a post’s comments, he/she can do it easily from his/her comments’ page. In the case of a Firefox user, he/she will be advised when there are new comments. What’s best is to make also the integration with Technorati. However, when we leave a comment in a not-integrated blog, some comments could not be recorded by coComment, therefore its functionality is limited.
    • Subscribe to Comments 2.1 [ Tempus Fugit | TxFx.net ] : For people who don’t use coComment neither want them to subscribe to the feed, but they still want to be updated about a post’s comments, I have included this plugin I found on Un blog más. It allows every person commenting on your blog, to receive by e-mail the answers to be written from then on. At all time the person decides when wants to receive or stop receiving e-mail. Therefore you have 3 options in this blog to follow the comments: through the feed of every post, through coComment or via e-mail. Hope you like one at least.
    • GaMerZ.HomePage.Version.2.0; It Is Not Just About Design; : This plugin allows to add polls to our blog. It’s what you find on the right-side menu to leave your opinion on my site. You can create so many polls as you want and you’ll always have them on your WordPress database. You can configure how long leave the polls open. There’s also the option to show to your readers a list with all your polls. However, this gives me an error, so I have deactivated the option.
    • mutube » Update Manager : This plugin adds to the WordPress dashboard an option to automatically search if there is any version of our plugins to be updated. It works very well with compatible plugins and is very handy. What a pity that I have a handful of uncompatible plugins (but it always identifies them).
    • Share This WordPress Plugins | alexking.org : is the option you see at the end of every post and let’s you send the post by e-mail or add it to social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us and others. Simple and effective.
    • Mobile Edition WordPress Plugins | alexking.org : This plugin is said to adapt the site when someone visits it from a mobile device to make it easy to surf it. I don’t have any mobile device, I’ll be glad to know the experience from people coming here with one.
  • To be introduced later
    • aNieto2K | WP-Fisgon : I miss a visits’ follow-up in WordPress.org, don’t you? Ferran recommended me this plugin allowing not only to show the visits coming to your blog, but also gives the possibility to establish a chat between visits. I’ll have to git it a try…
    • Widget Sidebar (Ben’s Website) : For the day I’ll have some photos in Flickr or Picassa and I could show them here.
    • Tagometer widget (WordPress Widgets) : I’ll have to better understand it, but it looks like it will add some functionality to make more useful our del.icio.us. It’s a pity that I don’t have my del.icio.us well organized as those by Dani. I know that this is not an excuse, but this is in part because of this Firefox extendion, allowing me to look for them so easily. Ok, it’s not an excuse. But since very long, I cannot live one sigle day without my del.icio.us, so I’ll keep looking for things.

Among the must-haves, an anti-spam should be included, but I kept it a part because I want to bring your attention to a plugin I couldn’t try because my WordPress version doesn’t recognize it, but it looks really well. It’s an anti-spam I found in the Basar de les espècies, developed by Diego Sevilla. All in all, however, I have to say that up to now my Akismet is working very well.

More compatible plugins for WordPress 2.1. are available here: Plugins Compatibility.

Well, now you know what are my favorite WordPress plugins, what about yours?

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