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Multilingual Blog

Last month, I prepared a presentation as a support to explain how did I build this blog you’re reading right now and how to make it possible to publish in different languages.

Finally, I decided to translate it and share it here, just in case somebody finds it useful.

See you!

Update: The most comprehensive post on this topic I’ve read up to now, is the one by dvromeu. If you are unsure about how to start a multilingual blog, it could help you. Read it here: Multilingual Blogging with WordPress.

2 Responses to “Multilingual Blog”

  1. web diseño says:

    Menudo trabajo, solo de pensarlo tiemblo 🙂

  2. dvromeu says:

    Un blog en 5 idiomas !


    Me ayudó a conocer un las posibilidades de WordPress, y definir mi blog multi-idioma….


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